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Learning to Make Wire Wrapped Jewels

My Etsy Shop, bijoubeadboutique is filled with the products of my hobby: creating with beads. Necklaces, bracelets, earrings and anklets – I revel in creating pretty things. (In a previous life, I was immersed in quilting.) Much of the allure of these hobbies is the opportunity to play with color. Jewel tones are my favorite, but all colors have wonderful potential.

Recently, I came across wire wrapped jewelry on Pinterest. So intriguing. Mixing beads and wire in a different way. I had to try it.

My First Attempt at Wire Wrapped Jewels

Here is the first item I tried to recreate:

I should have realized that a heart might be a bit difficult for my first attempt. Compared to some pieces, this heart is fairly simple, but getting the shape right at the start is paramount.

(               (My version)

You cannot tweak it in process. Adding more beads as I did, does not help. (But it sure was fun.) Although this initial try is a really rough, it only whetted my appetite.

My Second Attempt at Wire Wrapped Jewels

I decided to find a more simple piece to recreate (also from Pinterest):

While it took me five hours to do, because I tried a number of approaches and took it apart several times, I am pleased with the result.


(Earth Balance Craft)  (My version)

I had such a hard time getting started, trying to keep the two ends of each wire circle in place while I wrapped the overlap of those ends with wire. It wasn’t happening. Then my husband gave me a huge help by introducing me to epoxy that will glue metal pieces together. I glued the two wire circles together, and let it set over night. This strategy made all the difference.

The Earth Balance Craft Moonlight sun catcher used smaller gauge wire than I used. I used the wire that I had on hand. My larger wire was 18 gauge; the smaller was 24 gauge. I wouldn’t recommend going any larger than 18 gauge. I could make some bends with my fingers, and pliers did the rest. The issue with pliers is that it can scratch the wire, so the bends must be done carefully. The 24 gauge for the wrapping seemed just fine for this.


With true skill and talent, pieces like this can be made:

This item is for sale on Etsy from the TendaiDesigns shop.



Or this lovely piece from Crystalchemystic:



I urge you to take a look in these two shops. Their inventory is truly outstanding.

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I love your second one! It’s so cute, good job.


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