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Woodflock – A Memorial Day Weekend Tradition

Traditions. Lots of people have them. My husband and I have been married just two years now, (I am 54 and he is 62.) and we are enjoying making our own traditions. One that has emerged is Woodflock, the Memorial Day weekend camp out in Red Bluff, CA hosted by singer-songwriter, Antsy McClain and the Trailer Park Troubadours.

Woodflock is a weekend of camping, music, and just plain fun. Each of the three nights features concerts with Antsy and the Troubs, and Antsy’s musical guests. This year we were entertained by Michael McNevin, Edgar Cruz, and Michael Kelsey.

The days are spent with guided meditation, yoga, crafts for the kids (and adults), a chili cook off contest, songwriting seminars, and spontaneous jam sessions. Breakfast and dinner is catered by Dos Tacos Parties. Jimmie and his crew do a fantastic job creating tasty meals for everyone in the campsite.

Fans of Antsy and the Troubs are affectionately known as Flamingoheads after the tacky plastic flamingos people used to put in their yards. It gives us all a giggle. While Antsy creates his share of poignant songs, humor is the main ingredient in much of his repertoire. So when Flamingoheads get together, you can be sure there will be a lot of laughter.

The festival has created a sense of community, although we hail from all over the United States. Over the course of time, friendships have formed and camaraderie has deepened. Relationships that were once just part of this one glorious weekend have moved outside of the festival itself. And yet it is renewing for all of us to get together in celebration during this extended weekend.

For any of my readers that love an introduction to new music artists, I’ll just leave these samples here:

It’s a bijou life.

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