Bijou: elegant, delicate, highly-prized


Bijou: Something elegant, delicate, highly prized.

Most of us seek happiness in our lives. Not a big surprise there. But what is surprising is that what American society teaches us will lead to happiness seldom does – at least for the majority. The formula: college, a high-paying job, marriage, a big house and 2.5 kids. I’m not saying that some people won’t benefit from following that prescription, but we are all so different, that happiness can’t be boiled down to such a simple blueprint (albeit ever more difficult to accomplish with the current state of wealth inequality).

So how do we figure out what makes each of us happy? That’s what this blog is about. But it’s not going to be all philosophical discussion. Fun, silliness, art, and music – the things that make *me* happy will find a place here.  Hopefully, you’ll get some smiles as well.

Okay, so for the facts about me:

  • Name: Michelle Churchman
  • Age: 54
  • Status: Married
  • Children: None
  • Pets: One tiny mutt, named Valentino
  • Education: Masters in Accounting
  • Owner & Designer at

– January 16th, 2018